Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tell it Thursday

The picture from yesterday was of our first trip to the ocean - while we were visiting Aunt Amy and Uncle Stan. While not really the ocean, because technically it is just a bay, it is still salt water, and therefore dubbed our first ocean visit.

The kids liked the water, and the fact that there was seaweed and a few dead crabs on the shore. They are still not at the point of wanting to play in the sand for any length of time, though, so beach trips are usually short-lived unless there is a playground nearby.

I do hope that one day they will love the beach. I have very fond memories of our family trip to Virginia beach every year, where my sisters and i could boogie board, or play on the beach for hours each day. The smell of the salt water, and the feel of the sun and the sand on your body, well, I love, love, love it. And I hope that in a few years time, my kids will look forward to that same vacation experience too.

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