Thursday, August 2, 2012

Tell it Thursday

The last two weeks of Wordless Wednesday are because the boys are attending summer preschool. They are loving it! We only had one day each of crying and not wanting to go but the rest of the time has been great! They are happy, enjoying learning, and playing with other kids.
The program is only a 4 week program subsidized by our town recreation department. So, it was really inexpensive.
Now the dilema. Most of the other kids are going to the fall program. Which is not subsidized. and expensive. And I would still need daycare because it's only 2 hours. So, it would be an additional expense on an already strapped single income family. And I would have to adjust my work schedule to make sure I could drop them off and pick them up.

We have another preschool in town that has offered to scholarship one of the boys - but still I will need to cash in some of the boys savings bonds in order to afford this. I am also waiting for the summer preschool teacher to tell me tomorrow what her fall program costs.

Remember, too, that there are no other children at daycare and there haven't been any since February. It may very well be that they will remain the only ones there until they start school next year. Or there could be 2-4 more kids starting next week - we just never know - so preschool may be my children's only option for socializing with other children prior to beginning Kindergarten next year.

What would you do? Would you cash in the savings bonds, and figure out a way to get your kids into preschool? or do you not think preschool is necessary?

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