Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Hiding

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Shopping plans 7-22-2011

I won't be buying much this week as we're headed on a road trip to visit family for the weekend. But there are two great deals I can't pass up.

Charmin big roll toilet paper 16 count $4.99
Use coupon from P&G insert
Final cost - $4.74 or 29 cents per roll

Rite Aid
Samy Fat Foam Hair color $8.99
Buy 2
Use $3.00/$15.00 order receipt coupon
Use (2) $3.00/1 coupon from Samy Fat Foam Facebook page
OOP cost - $8.98
Get $10.00 in UPR's
Final cost - FREE plus $1.02 money maker

Stocking up on toilet paper because I know that with two boys who will soon (read: hopefully) be potty trained we'll be using more of this. And, need those hair colors since single handedly raising two pre-schoolers seems to be causing a few (read: lots) more grays to appear on my head.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Savings 7-15-11

I shopped at Rite Aid, Tops, and Walmart this week. Trip included groceries for two weeks, toys for boys (two puzzles and two cars/truck), plus two t-shirts for Mommy.
Total merchandise $234.16
Total OOP $179.01
Savings of 23%

Not quite extreme couponing...but near a quarter % savings. Not bad.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Weekly Freebies 7-15-11

This week in my mailbox I got:
Sample pack of Playtex Sport tampons which included a high-value coupon for $1.00 off an 18count box
Coupon for a FREE Suave Naturals Body Lotion
Organize in STyle coupon book worth $35.00 in savings

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What's normal for you may not be for me

We visted the zoo this past weekend. While watching the wolf circle around his area, Alex asked me, "Mommmy where is his twin?" I explained that maybe he didn't have a twin. Then Landon said, "well of course he does; he's right there" and pointed out the second wolf.
Cute that they think that everything has a twin.

Shopping Plans 7-15-11

So, as I mentioned in a previous post, I am seriously trying to save money and couponing has become my latest obsession. With being a single income household and two children to educate I've got to find ways to reduce my debt and build my savings and give us a little breathing room in our monthly budget so that I can sometimes buy that toy the boys want or maybe even take a little vacation. Couponing, from my brief research, seems to be a good strategy to start with.
I shop every other week - so I'll try to post some of my lists, and coupon strategies, and of course, what I saved. Maybe you'll find it helpful.

Plan for week of 7/15 -
Rite Aid
Simplicity toilet paper 24 rolls $5.00 (that is 21 cents per roll!) Buy 2
Purex laundry detergent $1.97 Buy 2
Total - 13.94
Use $4.86 UPR's from previous shopping trip
Total OOP - $9.08

I'll be buying some of the items listed here --
Thanks Coupons for your family!

Regular groceries needed (milk, half and half, eggs, pull-ups, meat, produce) I've got to organize my coupons for my Walmart trip myself sometime before this weekend.

I'll post after the shopping what my savings were.

Does this thing blow bubbles?

The new lawn mower arrived this morning. The boys were super excited about it coming and wanted me to open the box right away. No time though - had to get to work. So, after work tonight we'll be unpacking the mower, and READING THE DIRECTIONS this time, so that this mower might last more than a year. Who knows, maybe it will even last so long that one day in the future the boys will be fighting over who gets to mow the lawn.
Ha! Who am I kidding? I remember that chore as a teenager - it was great when I was in a "I'm getting in shape this summer" mode but that quickly got old, and then the cool air conditioner and daytime television began calling me....

While Landon loves to push his bubble mower around the yard now I'm sure that in another ten years, the mower will be in the middle of the yard, grass half-cut, and he will be in the house, on the phone, watching television, playing video games, or out playing with friends.
Alex has already laid his claim as the one who likes to watch his brother mow the lawn. His bubble mower had spider webs all over it from lack of use.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 4th of July

The boys and I spent the weekend with family enjoying the zoo, the lake, making sandcastles and eating BBQ.
They had a ball seeing all the animals at the zoo and it never ceases to amaze me when one of them steps out of their comfort zone to do something I would have never thought they would. Alex, who is normally hesitant to try new things, loved petting the deer at the zoo. Couldn't get enough of it. He said it was, "Cool."
We made sandcastles at the beach and Landon counted close to 100 boats that went by that day. He has informed me that we have to get a boat. Sure, but first a lawn mower to replace the broken one so I can get the lawn mowed before I lose you in it.

I love summer.