Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Six Months

Happy 6-month birthday to our two little bugs!
Wow, so much has happened this month.
You've both moved up to eating two meals a day. We've been having lunch and dinner because Mommy can't seem to get it together enough to get up early enough to attempt breakfast. So, we'll stick with these two for now, but I'll have to figure out something within the next few weeks as I think you're almost ready to start on three meals a day. And you both LOVE meal time! I've never seen Landon's mouth open so wide as when that spoon is coming toward him, no mater what is on it.
Teeth - you both have the makings of your two front bottom teeth. They are taking their time coming in completely but I can see (and feel) Alex's, especially when you are gnawing on my finger, and I can see Landon's starting to peek out from the gum. You guys are both little troopers. I know that it is making you miserable and you are constantly laying in a pile of drool, but still there is almost always a big toothless (for now) smile on each of your faces.
You can both roll over now too - from front to back and from back to front. Landon, you've also learned how you can travel from one side of the room to the other by rolling so Daddy and I are planning on going out to buy some baby gates this weekend.
Both of you can also almost sit up on your own. You can both do it for about a few seconds before toppling over.
You are starting to actually like the Exersaucer as you figure out how to play with the things on it instead of just looking at them, and the bouncy seats are no longer a torture chamber for you. You seem to like to play in them each morning while Mommy gets ready for work.
We are officially in the 6-9month clothes size now.
You are both awesome sleepers and your Daddy and I thank you for that. We've moved bedtime back to 7:30pm and you only wake up once a night for a bottle. Some nights you don't even do that but sleep all the way through to 6am! And naps are not bad either - most days you look forward to them and you've moved from three a day down to two. Your nap times now give Daddy and Mommy at least a few minutes each day to tackle the laundry, dishes, maybe eat something, or even relax for a few minutes. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I'm sure we'll have our days and nights where you guys won't sleep as well, but most of the time Daddy and I have it pretty easy. Shhh...lots of people would be angry at us for this.
We're looking forward to the warmer weather coming soon so we can start going for stroller walks again and playing in the yard, especially now that you both are so curious about the world around you.
I can't believe it's been six months already. You are growing up so fast. Just remember there's no rush.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cooking with the Crock

We tried another dinner using the handy Crock pot and J and I both really liked this one. It was easy, tasted great, and we had plenty of leftovers to eat for breakfast for a few days afterwards. Of course, you can always scale down the recipe if you have a smaller pot or don't like leftovers.
Cooking with the Crock allowed us to get both baths done and still have time for story time without pushing bedtime back too far. No cranky boys and dinner waiting for J and I after putting the bugs to bed. Plus it made the house smell good all day. If you try it let me know what you think...

Western Omelet Casserole

1 32 oz package frozen hash browns
1lb cubed ham
1 medium diced onion
2c shredded cheddar cheese
1 dozen eggs
1c milk

put first four ingredients in Crock layering them in two0three layers. Beat eggs and milk - pour over the layered mixture. Cook on low 8-9 hours

We served it with bacon, toast, and fruit.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Joy of Being a Twin...

Even when there is no teething ring in sight there is always your brother's leg to gnaw on.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Miss Mash

Trying to update more frequently and I have a million thoughts running through my head - though each one on it's own is not really a whole post. So, here's what's going on at our house lately...
* The bugs have tried all of their vegetables now. Favorites - sweet potatoes. Least favorite - carrots. We've tried banana by mixing it with the cereal (that's the ONLY way Alex will eat it) but no other fruits yet. I decided maybe I'd try meat before fruit, since I'd read that it might help them to take to the meat better if they ate it before tasting any fruits. We tried chicken last night. Ugh, just an FYI here, baby food chicken looks (and smells) like pet food. I gave it to them. They were expecting their veggies and, boy, I wish I could find that stupid camera because the faces were priceless! They are not too keen on chicken quite yet.
* Landon has decided that he does not want to go to sleep at night unless you are either standing over his crib holding his hand, or you rock him to sleep. We may be in for some troubles here. Naps are fine but something about nighttime and he changes. I'm wondering...can a 5 month old be afraid of the dark?
* We are on our bellies more than on our backs now. Mommy and Daddy turn away for one split second and, boom, right onto the belly!
* We are getting a tooth!! Alex is getting his bottom teeth. We can see and feel them starting to pop through, and yesterday there was some gum bleeding. He's been really sleepy, but not napping well, cranky (though he tries so hard not to be) and gnawing on EVERYTHING. Hopefully they'll pop through quick. Poor little guy.
* J and I need a date badly! Things are very stressful in our house for a number of reasons.
* Haven't tried another crock pot meal since my last post. Well, I did make Chili on Saturday but everyone has a chili Crockpot recipes, I'm sure, so I didn't post about it. I also made wings for the big game in the Crockpot - terrible. It was more like wing soup. J was able to salvage them though in the oven. And I'm planning on making another recipe tomorrow or Friday.
* My Dad and my Grandma are planning on coming over for the day on Saturday (they live a few hours away so we don't see them that often) It will be nice to see them, and they are going to be amazed at how much the bugs have grown since we saw them at Christmas-time.
* My RA is acting up, badly. I was diagnosed as a kid, and for most of my life it has stayed in remission. Since the bugs came, it has flared up worse than it's ever been. Pregnancy does that to auto-immune disorders. Most mornings I can't even walk. My appointment with the specialist is not until mid-February. There was a three month wait. I am really hoping they can do something to help get it back under control. I'm afraid that I won't be able to chase after my boys once they start crawling and walking and running if it stays as bad as it is now.

I think that's about it for now. 6-month appointment will be coming up soon. Wow - how times flies.