Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Household Plan 8.13.12

Got through nearly the whole list last week. Not so sure about this week.

Daily -
Make beds
Empty Trash
Wipe out Bathroom Sinks
Change dishtowels and bathroom hand towels

Other -
Water plants/garden
Vacuum 1st floor
Vacuum LR furniture
Clean out purse
Finish paying 8.10.12 bills
Dust hallway, kid's room, LR
Wash laundry room, LR, and kitchen windows
Wash kitchen curtains
Clean refrigerator door shelves
Change kid's sheet
Sweep/Mop bathrooms
Mow Lawn
Weed Wacking
Pick veggies from garden
Color/Cut hair
Register kids for fall soccer (and hope we're not so far past the deadline my kids won't be able to play - how do I explain that to them??)
Shopping for kid's birthday gift

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