Monday, February 4, 2013

What we were up to - January

I can't believe I went through the month of January with barely a peep. Actually, though I can. We have just been super busy. So, I'm going to give you the short version update and hope that I can find more time in February to post more.

We began going to Sunday school and the kids like it. They really do. Now to get them to sit through Mass. I'm not sure how to accomplsih this task yet.

We played family basketball for the past 5 Sundays at the community center. Mommy is tired. Boys loved taking home their very own basketball at the end.

Signed up for T-ball. It starts in April

Told J he needs to not contact me as much. Really he's not supposed to at all so I see no reason for his sometimes constant calls or texts.

Somehow found the courage to ask a cute guy (who happened to be doing some work on my house) out. First he said yes, then when it actually came down to making a plan he changed his mind. Which sucked. But, I know that I can do it again. And, I know that I need to start dating again. Soon. Scary though. And not sure how to go about this. Not like I'm meeting a ton of men. More like none. So tell me, where are all the single Dads??

Got a new furnance and lots of new insulation in our house.

Decided that if I am going to start dating again soon I need to start moving my butt off the couch again soon too. Now in search of a busy Mom friendly diet and exercise plan.

February Menu Plan




4- spinach ravioli soup

5-mini chicken pot pies

6- pizza

7- crockpot honey chicken

8- takeout

9-pancakes and bacon

10- tater tot hot dog casserole

11- alphabet soup, grilled sandwiches

12- pasta fagoli

13- pizza

14- fish sticks/salmon

15- spagehtti and meatballs

16- spinach and artichoke chicken

17- chicken and broccoli foil dinners

18- leftovers

19- sausage stroganoff

20- pizza

21- pierogies

22- takeout

23- meatball subs, fries

24- chicken parm bake

25-spaghetti and meatballs

26- leftovers

27- pizza

28- kids choice