Friday, June 17, 2011

New Hobbies

If you can call it a hobby that is. What with having two near-three year olds, working, and being a Mom thrown once again into single parenthood by a husband with far too many issues, I have taken up the "hobby" of couponing. It is quickly becoming an obssession with me - how much can I save, where can I find the best deal. I figure with two boys heading to college at the same time I need to get a jump on this savings plan NOW.
Landon actually called me the coupon lady the other day.

One thing that's come along with couponing is signing my self up for freebies everywhere I can. Today I found this
I look forward to getting my sample in the mail. I'm sure the bugs will love it and will tell you about it when they've tried it. Anything with less sugar is a good thing.

I'll post an update about the boys soon. They are up to soooo much lately - the conversations, the increasing independence, what a fun, fun age we're at!

Looking forward to a fun summer - the car's movie coming out, and winnie the pooh (those will be our first trips to a movie theater), going to our family's cmap at the lake, the splash park, zoo, and the Great American Backyard Campout (we're going to make S'mores!)