Saturday, April 6, 2013

What we were up to - March

Finished learn about Kindergarten class

Registered for Fall Kindergarten. Makes Mommy a little sad.

Had pink eye.

Had a lice infestation at daycare. Luckily we were not affected. Whew....

Playdate at the brand new indoor playplace that we've been waiting for all winter for it to open. And now it's almost spring....

Filed custody and child support paperwork in family court.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Learn about Kindergarten

Our school district has this fabulous program that they get funding from the state for, called night school for preschoolers and their parents. It is a family oriented pre-school where the kids get to learn all about school, meet different teachers, tour the school, and work one on one with parents on building kindergarten readiness skills.

It was a 10 week program. Last night was the last session. The boys had a ball at the end of session pajama party. I think the best thing about the program was that they saw the school, saw the classrooms, played in the gym, sat in the library, walked through the cafeteria line, and met the kindergarten teachers.

When they go to school this September that alone should increase their confidence level - and mine too.

Monday, April 1, 2013

April Menu Plan

1-4 visiting family

5 - stuffed cabbage casserole

6 - takeout

7- chicken broccoli noodle casserole

8- spinach artichoke chicken

9- pizza

10- leftovers

11- macaroni and meatballs

12- meatloaf

13- lasagna soup

14- slow cooker chicken tacos

15- chicken legs

16- stuffed pepper soup

17- pancakes

18- takeout

19- santa fe chicken

20- fish sticks/slamon

21- pizza

22- unstuffed spinach shells

23- salisbury steak

24- leftovers

25- frittata

26- sausage and noodles

27- kids chocies

28- hot dogs/hamburgers

29-  pierogies

30- leftovers

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What we were up to - February

Another month gone by. We've been busy.

Took a staycation and Aunt Stef came to visit. We went to Chuck E. Cheese, made crafts, went out to dinner, went rollerskating which the boys loved!, and took a winter hike. Fun week!

Pre-school still exciting every single day.

Got information about what T-ball team we will be on. Can't wait.

Lost two teeth and got two visits from the tooth fairy.

Booked a vacation in VA beach for this summer - Whoo Hoo!

Mommy decided she's gonna start dating again.

Monday, February 4, 2013

What we were up to - January

I can't believe I went through the month of January with barely a peep. Actually, though I can. We have just been super busy. So, I'm going to give you the short version update and hope that I can find more time in February to post more.

We began going to Sunday school and the kids like it. They really do. Now to get them to sit through Mass. I'm not sure how to accomplsih this task yet.

We played family basketball for the past 5 Sundays at the community center. Mommy is tired. Boys loved taking home their very own basketball at the end.

Signed up for T-ball. It starts in April

Told J he needs to not contact me as much. Really he's not supposed to at all so I see no reason for his sometimes constant calls or texts.

Somehow found the courage to ask a cute guy (who happened to be doing some work on my house) out. First he said yes, then when it actually came down to making a plan he changed his mind. Which sucked. But, I know that I can do it again. And, I know that I need to start dating again. Soon. Scary though. And not sure how to go about this. Not like I'm meeting a ton of men. More like none. So tell me, where are all the single Dads??

Got a new furnance and lots of new insulation in our house.

Decided that if I am going to start dating again soon I need to start moving my butt off the couch again soon too. Now in search of a busy Mom friendly diet and exercise plan.

February Menu Plan




4- spinach ravioli soup

5-mini chicken pot pies

6- pizza

7- crockpot honey chicken

8- takeout

9-pancakes and bacon

10- tater tot hot dog casserole

11- alphabet soup, grilled sandwiches

12- pasta fagoli

13- pizza

14- fish sticks/salmon

15- spagehtti and meatballs

16- spinach and artichoke chicken

17- chicken and broccoli foil dinners

18- leftovers

19- sausage stroganoff

20- pizza

21- pierogies

22- takeout

23- meatball subs, fries

24- chicken parm bake

25-spaghetti and meatballs

26- leftovers

27- pizza

28- kids choice

Monday, January 7, 2013

Busy Bee

I've realized something lately.
That our life is getting busier and busier with each passing month. Just this month alone we've started basketball once a week, learn about kindergarten classes once a week, and a monthly Mom's book club. T-ball is coming soon, as will be swim lessons in the summer. Homework will be involved in the learn about Kindergarten class - different homework for each of the boys, based on what skills they need the most growth in prior to starting school in September. And we get homework from preschool too.
While some things about raising twins has gotten easier as they've gotten older - like I can leave them playing in their room or watching television while I take a shower when I want to, and also they can open the refrigerator and get a snack or juice box themselves, Oh, and they can use the toilet - some things seem more difficult. Mostly trying to organize everything in life, while attempting to maintain some type of order in our home. Used to be the kids would just lay there, or only toddled around. How many toys could they possibly use at once? Now, my house almost always looks like a cyclone went through. And while I do have to say they are good at helping clean up their own messes, it is still way messier than ever before. And I don't have time to clean it. And it drives me nuts. And I am a freak for worrying about this stuff, right? I need some lessons in relaxing expectations of oneself.

It is what it is. My new mantra. I'll try really hard to live by that.

Easy cooking, easy cleaning, organizing the house. I've found some great tips on Pinterest! Now if only I could step away from the computer....I could add at least an extra hour to my day each day. I could take that hour and actually follow through with those tips I've found....and make life easier.

How do you manage organizing things in your life? Do you ever feel like things are completely chaotic?

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy Happy

Happy New Year bloggy friends. Wishing all of you a Happy and Healthy 2013.

Here are my hopes for this year:

My children are healthy and find happiness in all they do.
My family and friends enjoy the same.
Our laughter outweighs our tears.
I continue to have the strength I need to raise my children as a single Mom
J's problem is no longer a monkey on my back

Monday, December 31, 2012

January Menu Plan

I am going to attempt some healthier eating - my 2013 resolution. I'm not dieting -- because my goal is not something short term. But, rather, I have a friend who truly believes in the power of food and that we are what we eat. I want to adopt some of those healhty habits - and in the process hope to lose some weight too.

We also are getting an increasingly packed calendar as the boys get older - just this month we are starting weekly evening meet and greet activities with our future Kindergarten teachers, biddy basketball, and the busy Mom's book club. Plus tossing around the idea of starting weekly religious education classes too. So ease of menu planning is getting REALLY important.

1 - sweet potato chili, breadsticks

2- sweet chili lime salmon/fish sticks

3- spaghetti and meatballs

4- mini calzones, salad

5- pancakes and bacon, fruit

6- loaded baked potato soup and grilled sandwiches

7- crockpot chicken stroganoff

8- pizza, salad

9- teriyaki chicken

10- spaghetti and meatballs

11- takeout

12- spinach ravoili soup

13- mini chicken pot pies

14- leftovers

15- salisbury steak, roasted potato

16- meatball subs, onion rings

17- spaghetti and meatballs

18- crockpot honey chicken

19- pancakes and bacon, fruit

20- tater tot hot dog casserole

21- horseradish salmon/fish sticks

22- pizza, salad

23- leftovers

24- spaghetti and meatballs

25- takeout

26- alphabet soup, grilled sandwiches

27- pierogies

28- pasta fagoli

29- ham and cheese roll ups

30- kid's choice

31- spaghetti and meatballs

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Household Plan 12.17.12

Only focusing on what absolutely needs done this week as I'm still trying to get holiday stuff done. Shopping, wrapping, and baking. Plus the kids and I are trying to work on the holiday bucket list. This weekend looks like we're getting some snow so I think we'll spend some time baking, and wrapping then.

Now off to the yard to finish packing away the summer toys before the snow hits andthen the post office to get the cards mailed out.

Daily -
Make beds
Empty Trash
Wipe out Bathroom Sinks
Change dishtowels and bathroom hand towels

Other -
water plants
clean out purse
pay 12/14 bills
holiday stuff
clean toilets/mop bathrooms
vacuum 1st floor
mop kitchen
clean car
chnage kid's sheets
pack for xmas trip

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Household Plan 12.10.12

minimalist list again....

Daily -
Make beds
Empty Trash
Wipe out Bathroom Sinks
Change dishtowels and bathroom hand towels

Other -
water plants
vacuum 1st floor and furniture
clean toilets, bathtub in mstr bedrm
mop kitchen
dust DR/LR
chg mstr bdrm sheets
holiday stuff
pay 12/14 bills
finish putting away yard stuff before snowstorms come
kids snow pants/boots - check size and buy new if needed

Monday, December 3, 2012

Household Plan 12.3.12

minimalist list.....

Daily -
Make beds
Empty Trash
Wipe out Bathroom Sinks
Change dishtowels and bathroom hand towels

Other -
water plants
Clean toilets
Dust LR, wash LR windows
Mop kitchen
change kid's sheets
Plan for January occasions
holiday shopping
wrapping, holidays stuff, etc

Friday, November 30, 2012

December Menu Plan

1 - frittata

2 - fish sticks, vegetables, noodles or rice

3 - spaghetti and meatballs

4 - pizza

5 - salisbury steak

6 - pierogies, vegetables

7 - unstuffed shells, salad

8 - teriyaki chicken, rice

9 - chili, veggie sticks, breadsticks

10 - spaghetti and meatballs

11 - rigatoni with greens and beans (see October for recipe)

12 - takeout

13 - sausage stroganoff

14 - pancakes and sausage

15 - pigs in ponchos

16 - mini chicken pot pies

17 - beef tips, potatoes

18 - crockpot chicekn cacciatore

19 - Chicken nugget tacos, mexican rice

20 - spaghetti and meatballs

21 - takeout

22 - baked potato soup, grilled sandwiches

23 - crockpot beef and broccoli

24 - Lasagna casserole

25 - Visiting family

26 - visiting family

27 - visiting family

28 - pizza

29 - spaghetti and meatballs

30 - Cheesy Vegetable Chowder, rolls

31 - take out dinner

Thursday, November 29, 2012

2012 Christmas Bucket List

25 days left until Christmas. And so much that I want to do! Ya know, four is an awesome age! The boys really understand and participate in all activities around the holiday. It is so cool to see the looks on their faces or the wheels turning in their heads. Soaking it all in and making memories this month....

Here's what I'd love to do as a family --

Watch Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Year Without a Santa Claus, and The Grinch.

Enjoy this Grinch punch I found on pinterest while watching said Grinch show. Made this and the kids loved it. It was good! Didn't quite look as pretty as the picture but will def be an annual tradition.

Make cookie cutter pizza

Make peppermint bark

Make edible snowflakes

Drive around town and look at all the decorations

Visit Santa We finally did it! At 4 years old my children finally have sat on Santa's lap. With the bribe of a candy cane. Although Alex would not let go of my hand so my arm is in the pic.

Make these edible christmas trees Not quite but we did make cookie cutter funfetti cake that we decorated with sprinkles

Decorate Christmas tree together The kids loved this! They had such fun putting all the decorations on the tree. The tree does look like it will tople over because all the decorations are on one side but it is absolutely beautiful! I left every decoration they hung up exactly where they put it. Now I see that Alex will sit down next to it sometimes and move things around. Cute.

Put together our gifts for teachers and neighbors and deliver

Attend village "It's a Wonderful Life" Christmas parade and celebration Boys got to be in the parade with school singing carols as our littlest angels. Too cute!

Holiday photo shoot (Homemade) I saw the cutest ideas for cards on Pinterest. Tried it - but kids are not willing subject yet. Maybe in a few years as we develop our sense of humor more...

Send cards to family and friends

Make these cookies (give baking another chance)

Go to library's craft and tree trimming party Almost, though not quite. Not feeling well on craft and tree trimming day so we opted out and chose the library's bedtime storytime rendition of Polar Express where we each got hot cocoa, cookies, and our very own jungle bell to take home.

Attend family movie night at the library to see The Polar Express

Take kids shopping at dollar store to buy gifts for family - let them pick out their own gifts to give

One for Me....champagne and pedicure while watching Christmas movie - Elf, or It's a Wonderful Life (two fav's) - or do it twice -- one pedi and one mani and two bottles of bubbly.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


We had a really nice holiday. The boys are starting to understand Thanksgiving - although they still can not fathom why a holiday without candy or presents is my favorite. We had a great time with family, made spider turkey t-shirts with Aunt Stef, and enjoyed our first bowling game! So what if 2 four year olds got half my score and I've been bowling way more - and so what if I used the bumpers too.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Household List 11.26.12

I knew I would not get much accomplished last week with the holiday. I've decided to cut msyelf some slack and only focus on the neccessities between now and Christmas so I can enjoy working on projects on our holiday list

Daily -
Make beds
Empty Trash
Wipe out Bathroom Sinks
Change dishtowels and bathroom hand towels

Other -
Water Plants
Grocery shopping
Vaccum 1st floor
Clean toilets and bathtub in mstr bedroom
Clean stove, microwave
Mop kitchen
chagge mstr bedroom sheets
Plan for december occasions
Holiday shopping

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Random Act of Kindness

7 years ago today I lost my Mom. She passed away from complications of breast cancer. She never got to meet her grand children although I am certain she somehow had a hand in them coming to existence.

So, my reminder to you all out there: Schedule your annual mammogram or remind the women in your life to do so. Hug your children. Be grateful for the family that you have and try to incorporate extended family into your children's lives - I'm sure they will benefit from that involvement.
And, most of all, if you still have your Mom, call her today and tell her you love her.

In honor of my Mom, I plan to do one random act of kindness today.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Open Wide

The first dentist appointment.

With twins it's tough because one has to go first. So, they're fighting over who will be first when I randomly pick one up and put them in the chair.

No x-rays. Thank goodness.

The rest of the exam consisted of counting teeth, showing them the tools, and getting a cleaning. We both had two teeny tiny cavities beginning but all in all everything looks good.

Alex actually had two bottom teeth beginning to loosen.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I am one of the 47%. You know, one of those people Mitt referred to in his speech.
I have had a job since I was 18 years old, except for a short 8 months when I was downsized by a by a big, bank employer. The top executives, whom I'm sure were among some of the richest people in this country, kept their jobs.
When my children were born, their health insurance consisted of Medicaid and we had WIC for their first year of life. My children now get their health insurance through a state program. Thankfully we have something called Medicaid in this country, and CHP in my state, as my employer only offers family coverage with huge premiums, impossible to afford on a non-profit salary. So, while I go to work each day, I can have peace of mind knowing that should my children need medical care they have access to affordable care. Not thanks to my employer. But thanks to my government. And, I pay the premiums for that coverage each month.
Now that I am raising two children, because the work I do each day pays minimal compared to other fields, I don't pay any federal income tax. I pay it out of my paycheck each week but at the end of the year I get it returned to me. Returned to my bank account, where I can use it to pay for pre-school for my children, health insurance premiums for my children, and food for my children.

I believe that I am doing my best to raise my boys to know that we should all do our best to make our own way, to work hard, to follow your dreams, but we should also all stop and care about our neighbors. Sometimes our hard working neighbors might need a little hand. And, isn't that what this country should be about?

So, today my vote will be a vote for caring for others when they need it, for working hard to build a strong middle class, for families everywhere who are struggling in tough economic times, for children who dream of college and what lies ahead, and for all people who sometimes face tough situations and should have the tools and assistance they need to overcome them.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Household Plan 11.5.12

Got a decent amount done last week. Now that the kids are home with me on Friday afternoons I think I'll get less done - unless I enlist their help. But I'm making up for it in more time with my children. And, someday, when they're big I'll be glad I got to spend those Friday afternoons with them.

Here's for this week:

Daily -
Make beds
Empty Trash
Wipe out Bathroom Sinks
Change dishtowels and bathroom hand towels

Other -
Water Plants Put garden to bed
Raking lawn, put away outside toys, and cover grill
Vacuum 1st floor and LR furniture, and 2nd floor Clean bottom fridge shelf

Dust Hallway, LR, Kid's and Guest rooms Clean out purse Christmas shopping list/plan
Clean out under bathroom sinks, clean toilets and showers
Mop Kitchen
Clean LR windows Wipe down doorknobs Sweep porch
Change kid's sheets

Order cabinet hardware and kitchen backsplash tiles
bring donated clothes to HOC

There's also the boy's first dentist appointment this week, and we've got plans to go to movie night at the library and craftastic morning at the library too. And, our new babysitter is coming over to meet the boys so when she babysits next week they won't freak out. In addition to our daycare provider quiting, our babysitter is leaving for college in January. So much change.


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Down Time

This weekend is a down time weekend - since last weekend we did not take even one minute of rest time as we were working on the kitchen remodel (which I still have to post picture of). So, not doing anything yesterday but watching Disney movies, and playing video games, was relaxing.

Today, the change in the time meant we were up and at'em at 7am - so I've already had a few cups of coffee, done a few loads of laundry, and put some Brown Sugar Chicken and Sweet Potatoes into the crockpot for dinner. I found the recipe on Pinterest, and I'm made a commitment to myself to not just pin things and forget them, but to pin and then actually try them. Oh, which reminds me, I did do something else yesterday. The boys helped me make a cranberry banana bread, again found on pinterest. I'm not a baker, so had to substitute baking powder for baking soda. But it came out OK. Alex said he liked it but only took two bites. Landon took one bite and said he didn't like it. So now, like the trix krispies we made a few months back, I have a whole loaf of bread to eat. I think I'll bring it to work to share - but this time I will not tell anyone that my kids had a slight cold while they helped me bake. It'll be OK - they're not that sick.

Looking out my window at the enormous amount of leaves I think we're going to have to venture out to work on the yard - I think this year I'll do what I can between now and Thanksgiving and then hire someone to finish up what I don't. Last year I left big piles of leaves and had dead patches of no grass all over. I might convince the boys to help rake for a total of maybe 15 minutes, but then I'm sure they'll be off playing with their new spy equipment, spying (and taunting) on the cat.

Thursday, November 1, 2012


We did a lot of things this Halloween season. We went to the apple picking farm, with our cousin, and picked apples. Then preschool had a field trip to the pumpkin patch. That was fun!

The boys first field trip to the pumpkin patch was great. We got to ride on the wagon hayride, go out into the field and pick a pumpkin, paint the pumpkin, feed the goats (who knew that goats eat dry macaroni?? Not me. Did you?), and bounce in the bounce house! Then back to school to enjoy apple cider and donuts.

We carved pumpkins with Aunt Stef to decorate the front porch. I even found this great idea on pinterest about decorating pumpkins with potato head accessories and also "carving" with cookie cutters and a mallet (much safer than knives for little hands) Also, found on pinterest, was the idea to use glow stick in the lack-o-lanterns instead of candles. I loved it, however, my four year old - does not like change - child informed me that lack-o-lanterns MUST be lit with candles. No exceptions!

And finally, of course, we went trick or treating. The mall near us offers this every year, and it is so much easier with little kids than going door to door. I didn't get any pictures of the costumes but we were super heroes, avengers to be exact, and we made out like bandits on our candy. We came home, dumped it on the living room floor, sorted through and began eating, while we watched "It's the great pumpkin, Charlie Brown." A perfect end to the Halloween season.

This morning I told the kids it was now November - since they learn about the days, and months, at pre-school. They didn't care though. They were too busy discussing what candy they will eat tonight for dessert.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

November Meal Plan

1- soup and sandwich (grilled cheese and canned soup - working late)

2- takeout

3- crockpot chicken and stuffing

4- fish sticks/salmon

5- breakfast for dinner - pancakes

6- spaghetti and meatballs

7- sausage with sauerkraut and potatoes (crockpot)

8- soup and sandwich

9- pizza

10- pierogies with vegetables

11- sweet potato chili (crockpot)

12- leftover

13- pizza chicken (crockpot)

14- sausage stronganoff

15- soup and sandwich (loaded baked potato in the crockpot)

16- takeout

17- ham and scalloped potatoe casserole (crockpot)

18- breakfast for dinner - frittata, sausage

19- fish sticks/salmon

20- salisbury steak

21-23 Thanksgiving with family

24- dinner out for my birthday :)

25- spaghetti and meatballs

26- pigs in ponchos

27- pizza

28- leftovers

29 - Kid's choice

30- takeout

Monday, October 29, 2012

Household Plan 10.29.12

Didn't get much accomplished last week because I was mostly focused on work, pre-school stuff, and the kitchen remodel.

Boys started new daycare today after pre-school - so I'll update on that later and we accomplished everything we set out to do for the remodel - and it looks awesome!

Daily -
Make beds
Empty Trash
Wipe out Bathroom Sinks
Change dishtowels and bathroom hand towels

Other -
Water Plants
Put garden to bed
Raking lawn, put away outside toys, and cover grill
Clean top and middle shelves in refrigerator
November meal plan
Grocery shopping list
Grocery shopping
Clean toilets, mirrors, and showers
Sweep porch
Dust DR and Mstr BR
Change Mstr BR sheets
Mop kitchen
Vacuum 2nd floor
Pay 11/2 bills
Organizing recipes
Order cabinet hardware and kitchen backsplash tiles

Monday, October 22, 2012

Household Plan 10.22.12

Took a weekend trip to visit family so I didn't get mich accomplished but I did have fun visiting and it was nice to see family. And, that's what's important.

Here's the plan for this week. I'm so excited that both of my sisters are coming up to visit us next weekend and while here are going to help me put a new kitchen floor in and change my kitchen countertops. Yeah, independent contractors! I'll have to post some before and after pics. Oh, and getting the furnance and insulation replaced in the next week or so, so meeting with contractors about that too. Busy, Busy.

Best day of the week though should be Wednesday - field trip with the boys' pre-school to the pumpkin patch!

Daily -
Make beds
Empty Trash
Wipe out Bathroom Sinks
Change dishtowels and bathroom hand towels

Other -
Water Plants
Put garden to bed
Grocery Shopping list
Grocery Shopping
Clean car
Pay 10/19/12 bills and balance checkbook
Order supplies for kitchen remodel
Paperwork for new child care center
Library books (return before they arrest me :))
Vacuum 1st floor
Clean toilets
Dust LR
Change kid's sheets
sweep porch
Grill cover

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Child care woes

Our daycare provider, the one that the boys have been with since they were infants, gave me her two-week notice the other day. She has found another job. I kind of expected it since the boys have been her only kids for 6 months now - when she lost two school age kids. Well, the boys and her own infant daughter.

I told the boys that night that she would no longer be able to watch them. It was a difficult conversation because they don't really understand that that's her job, and also that they kept saying that they love her and the baby and when will they see them? Will they still see them every day? Ugh. It was hard and it was breaking my heart. My children are experiencing a loss and there is nothing I can do to make it better. So, I ended it with that we would set up playdates with them as often as we could and that if they had more questions about it they can always come to me to ask them.

Then I began frantically looking for a new provider. For those of you who utilize out of home care, and have multiples, you know how difficult this is. Our state regulates the number of children that a home provider can have, so asking for 2 out of 6 slots is a lot - it's 1/3 of the spots. Needless to say, out of a possible 15 providers I called, only one had  slots open. And, there were a few that refused me when they found out the boys were twins?! What is that about?! Does that make them bad, or more difficult to handle??!! That pissed me off. I mean really, suck it up people, they are 4 years old. And I handle them by myself every single day. Ya know what, I wouldn't want my boys in your wimpy ass house anyway.

We went to visit the one provider with space, and while extremely nice and a perfectly suitable place for children, there were 12 school age kids there. And, not early elementary school age. I'm talking 9, 10, 11 year olds. My kids were overwhelmed. And, the days consists mostly of free play. We left. I asked what they thought and Alex kept telling me, for days, that he does not want to go there.

So, I go to the daycare center in town. More expensive, more institutionalized, but more like the pre-school environment that the boys have in the mornings. Playground, and a room full of only four year olds, with four year old toys, and games, and activities. I took the kids to visit and they seemed to enjoy it. When we left I asked them if they had to choose between this place and Miss D's which would they choose, and they chose CC. So, there we go. They will be going 3-4 afternoons a week, after morning preschool. I've decided to cut out Friday afternoon care to save some money. That had been my me time as I only work half-days on Fridays, but I figure, if I can save a little, maybe I could hire a sitter once a month for some me time. Plus, who am I kidding, it wasn't me time, it was clean the house time, and the boys can be home with me for that.

They'll start in the new place next week. I'm a bit worried about the transition.