Friday, August 3, 2012

Surprise - Guided Journaling Day 4

Describe a time you surprised yourself doing something you didn't think possible.

I surprise myself on a daily basis doing things all the time I didn't think I could. When both kids are fighting and I can stop it, when everyone is crying and I make smiles, when I get the kids ready for daycare or preschool each and every morning, especially when I haven't slept well the night before. When I work all day and come home, and find it in me to cook dinner, clean the house, go outside and play with the kids, give baths, and get both kids sleeping soundly without collapsing on the floor in my own crying fit, that all surprises me
When I can survive the grocery store with first two infants in car seats, then two toddlers who nearly climbed out of carts many times, and now two preschoolers who run through the store nearly causing chaos everywhere we go, that surprises me.
This whole single parent thing and my ability to get through each day with the ability to see the joy through the chaos surprises the hell out of me.

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