Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tell it Thursday

The picture from yesterday was, if you couldn't guess, because the bugs are at Vacation Bible School this week. Our daycare provider, C, was volunteering at her church VBS and she asked if the boys could attend with her. Of course! A great opporunity to socialize them - since they are the only kids at daycare right now.
So far this week they have had a blast! They have made sun-visers, doorknob hangers, and played water games on "wet Wednesday". I was a bit concerned about that since Alex does not like people to splash him. But he did great and he and Landon had a sponge fight to see who could get splashed the most.
They have also come home with a boatload of questions, most of which I do not know how to answer. And most of which stress the heck out of me.
I grew up attending church on a weekly basis, went to Sunday school, said my prayers at night. I still consider myself a spiritual person, however, I'm not frequenting Mass these days (or years). I often think in my mind how nice it would be for the bugs and I to go to church each week. To have that familiar sense of community. I have to say it always gave me a feeling of strength - like I could get through tough times easier. It also helped to instill some values. I do believe, for my family, it's important.
when you are waist deep in trying to maneuver through a crazy life it is hard to find the motivation to do one more thing. It is hard to think about wrestling with the kids on Sunday morning to get dressed, eat breakfast, get in the car, get into church, be quiet, sit still, yadda, yadda, yadda. I really prefer my lazy weekend mornings, where we can eat breakfast leisurely, get dressed when we feel like it, no rush, no worries. So, being Catholic, I will live with the guilt for a while longer, and consider weekly church attendance, when my kids are just a wee bit older, and maybe when they have the ability to sit still for a bit longer amount of time. Don't judge me please.

Here's some of the conversations we've had this week, which have had me both laughing and biting my nails.

Landon - Mom, do you know who Yashi is?
Me - No, Lan, who is that?
L - You know!
Me - No, I don't
L - Yes you do!
Me - Oh yeah, Yashi, he's God's friend.

Me- So did you guys learn about Yashi today?
Landon - Who's yashi?
Me - I don't know. You're the one who told me about him yesterday.
L - I don't know
Me - Did you learn about Jesus today?
L - Yeah, and Mom,
Me - what?
L - God loves you

Alex - Where is heaven?
Me - in the sky. In outer space
A - how do you get there?
me - God has magic powers and he takes you there when
Landon - when you get dead.
me - yes, when you get dead
A - does God let you live there?
Me - yes
A - and how do you get back here?
Me - you don't. Once you live in Heaven you can't come back here
A - But I want to live here
Me - you can. You don't have to worry about this now. I don't think you are going to heaven anytime soon (thinking --oh my God I can't have a death conversation!!)
A - what about you? are you going to live there?
Me - no, not planning on it anytime soon (thinking -- Oh my God I can't have this conversation!!! Need a glass of wine!!)
L - so then how will Jeannie's daddy get back here from Heaven?
Me - He won't. He can't. He has to stay in Heaven now with God. Oh, the phone is ringing..... (thinking -- Thank God!)

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Mary said...

So funny how kids minds work! What a charming conversation! I found you on multiples and more. I like your blog!