Monday, June 11, 2012

Household Plan 6.11.12

Got a good amount done on last week's list. Actually pretty proud of myself for what I accomplished.

Here's the plan for this week:

Daily -
Make beds
Empty Trash
Wipe out Bathroom Sinks
Change dishtowels and bathroom hand towels

Other -
Shopping list for 6/15/12
Clean refrigerator drawers, door shelves, and top/front
Clean microwave
Clean dishwasher door
Clean toilets, tubs and showers
Clean bathroom mirrors
Vacuum 1st floor
Vacuum 2nd floor
Dust dining room
Dust master bedroom
Sweep porch
Clean out car
Sew Alex's flip flop
Trim front yard hedges
Mow the stinkin lawn (seems I just did this - and I only plan it every 10 days. Ugh, I really hate this!)
Grocery shopping (bi-weekly)

I've got some special projects this week as well. My sister will be visiting this coming weekend, and it's not often I have an extra set of adult hands around so we are dismantling my entertainment center, building the new television cabinet, moving the furniture in living room, and setting up the new television I bought at Christmas-time. We will also be putting in my three window air conditioners and re-hanging the shutter that got ripped off the house when we had the storm.

This looks nearly impossible. We'll see what can be done.

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