Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tell it Thursday

This pic is of the boys helping with the garden. We got a community garden plot this year. Our town has only had a community garden for two years now. We used to have a garden right in the backyard, but then the problems with J began, and I had twins that I was trying to raise on my own, and so the garden became overgrown.At this point I've mowed it over and made it part of the yard again, and it seemed easier to buy a small plot at the community garden then to dig up a plot of my backyard. Plus if I began digging back there people may begin to think I'm burying J up to no good. And, you know, we don't want cops always lurking around.
So, we have this garden now that has tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, squash, and spinach. And it gives the boys and I some time to talk more about vegetables and healthy eating. May as well talk about it since it doesn't really happen much. They will not touch a vegetable. Fruit yes, vegetable, Ha! Not unless it's covered in cheese sauce. So, maybe by helping to grow and water them they will eat them. We'll see.
That's assuming I can keep them alive to produce vegetables. I do not have a green thumb. When I got my first apartment in college I bought myself a cactus. How hard could that be? I killed it. Dead. I guess that's what happens to plants when you don't provide water for them for, oh I don't know, five years.
J was always the one who watered the house plants and cared for the garden. Not me. Sometimes I'm astounded at how I can keep my kids alive - somehow I remember to feed them and give them water. Good thing they can talk and ask for it. Also a good thing that they both seem to have inherited the ability to care for plants. They are always reminding me that the plants need a drink of water.

or maybe it's because they just LOVE to fill up cups of water and dump them out.

At least until they grow out of that stage my plants and vegetable garden should survive.

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