Monday, June 25, 2012

Household Plan 6.25.12

Finished nearly everything on last week's list. Except the yardwork stuff. It was far too hot last week to do a lot of yardwork. We'll work on that that this week.

Daily -

Make beds
Empty Trash
Wipe out Bathroom Sinks
Change dishtowels and bathroom hand towels

Other -
Trim front hedges

Weed wack yard
Water plants and garden
July menu planning
Grocery shopping list for 6.29.12
Grocery shopping
Vacuum 1st floor/2nd floor
Dust dining room
Sweep porch
Dust master bedroom
Mstr. bedroom closet cleanout
Change mstr. bedroom sheets
Clean top shelf of fridge, microwave, dishwasher door
Clean purse
Clean toliets, tubs, bathrom mirrors
Pay 6.29.12 bills

Why does the list always look out of control???


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