Sunday, November 4, 2012

Down Time

This weekend is a down time weekend - since last weekend we did not take even one minute of rest time as we were working on the kitchen remodel (which I still have to post picture of). So, not doing anything yesterday but watching Disney movies, and playing video games, was relaxing.

Today, the change in the time meant we were up and at'em at 7am - so I've already had a few cups of coffee, done a few loads of laundry, and put some Brown Sugar Chicken and Sweet Potatoes into the crockpot for dinner. I found the recipe on Pinterest, and I'm made a commitment to myself to not just pin things and forget them, but to pin and then actually try them. Oh, which reminds me, I did do something else yesterday. The boys helped me make a cranberry banana bread, again found on pinterest. I'm not a baker, so had to substitute baking powder for baking soda. But it came out OK. Alex said he liked it but only took two bites. Landon took one bite and said he didn't like it. So now, like the trix krispies we made a few months back, I have a whole loaf of bread to eat. I think I'll bring it to work to share - but this time I will not tell anyone that my kids had a slight cold while they helped me bake. It'll be OK - they're not that sick.

Looking out my window at the enormous amount of leaves I think we're going to have to venture out to work on the yard - I think this year I'll do what I can between now and Thanksgiving and then hire someone to finish up what I don't. Last year I left big piles of leaves and had dead patches of no grass all over. I might convince the boys to help rake for a total of maybe 15 minutes, but then I'm sure they'll be off playing with their new spy equipment, spying (and taunting) on the cat.

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