Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I am one of the 47%. You know, one of those people Mitt referred to in his speech.
I have had a job since I was 18 years old, except for a short 8 months when I was downsized by a by a big, bank employer. The top executives, whom I'm sure were among some of the richest people in this country, kept their jobs.
When my children were born, their health insurance consisted of Medicaid and we had WIC for their first year of life. My children now get their health insurance through a state program. Thankfully we have something called Medicaid in this country, and CHP in my state, as my employer only offers family coverage with huge premiums, impossible to afford on a non-profit salary. So, while I go to work each day, I can have peace of mind knowing that should my children need medical care they have access to affordable care. Not thanks to my employer. But thanks to my government. And, I pay the premiums for that coverage each month.
Now that I am raising two children, because the work I do each day pays minimal compared to other fields, I don't pay any federal income tax. I pay it out of my paycheck each week but at the end of the year I get it returned to me. Returned to my bank account, where I can use it to pay for pre-school for my children, health insurance premiums for my children, and food for my children.

I believe that I am doing my best to raise my boys to know that we should all do our best to make our own way, to work hard, to follow your dreams, but we should also all stop and care about our neighbors. Sometimes our hard working neighbors might need a little hand. And, isn't that what this country should be about?

So, today my vote will be a vote for caring for others when they need it, for working hard to build a strong middle class, for families everywhere who are struggling in tough economic times, for children who dream of college and what lies ahead, and for all people who sometimes face tough situations and should have the tools and assistance they need to overcome them.

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