Thursday, November 29, 2012

2012 Christmas Bucket List

25 days left until Christmas. And so much that I want to do! Ya know, four is an awesome age! The boys really understand and participate in all activities around the holiday. It is so cool to see the looks on their faces or the wheels turning in their heads. Soaking it all in and making memories this month....

Here's what I'd love to do as a family --

Watch Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Year Without a Santa Claus, and The Grinch.

Enjoy this Grinch punch I found on pinterest while watching said Grinch show. Made this and the kids loved it. It was good! Didn't quite look as pretty as the picture but will def be an annual tradition.

Make cookie cutter pizza

Make peppermint bark

Make edible snowflakes

Drive around town and look at all the decorations

Visit Santa We finally did it! At 4 years old my children finally have sat on Santa's lap. With the bribe of a candy cane. Although Alex would not let go of my hand so my arm is in the pic.

Make these edible christmas trees Not quite but we did make cookie cutter funfetti cake that we decorated with sprinkles

Decorate Christmas tree together The kids loved this! They had such fun putting all the decorations on the tree. The tree does look like it will tople over because all the decorations are on one side but it is absolutely beautiful! I left every decoration they hung up exactly where they put it. Now I see that Alex will sit down next to it sometimes and move things around. Cute.

Put together our gifts for teachers and neighbors and deliver

Attend village "It's a Wonderful Life" Christmas parade and celebration Boys got to be in the parade with school singing carols as our littlest angels. Too cute!

Holiday photo shoot (Homemade) I saw the cutest ideas for cards on Pinterest. Tried it - but kids are not willing subject yet. Maybe in a few years as we develop our sense of humor more...

Send cards to family and friends

Make these cookies (give baking another chance)

Go to library's craft and tree trimming party Almost, though not quite. Not feeling well on craft and tree trimming day so we opted out and chose the library's bedtime storytime rendition of Polar Express where we each got hot cocoa, cookies, and our very own jungle bell to take home.

Attend family movie night at the library to see The Polar Express

Take kids shopping at dollar store to buy gifts for family - let them pick out their own gifts to give

One for Me....champagne and pedicure while watching Christmas movie - Elf, or It's a Wonderful Life (two fav's) - or do it twice -- one pedi and one mani and two bottles of bubbly.

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