Thursday, November 1, 2012


We did a lot of things this Halloween season. We went to the apple picking farm, with our cousin, and picked apples. Then preschool had a field trip to the pumpkin patch. That was fun!

The boys first field trip to the pumpkin patch was great. We got to ride on the wagon hayride, go out into the field and pick a pumpkin, paint the pumpkin, feed the goats (who knew that goats eat dry macaroni?? Not me. Did you?), and bounce in the bounce house! Then back to school to enjoy apple cider and donuts.

We carved pumpkins with Aunt Stef to decorate the front porch. I even found this great idea on pinterest about decorating pumpkins with potato head accessories and also "carving" with cookie cutters and a mallet (much safer than knives for little hands) Also, found on pinterest, was the idea to use glow stick in the lack-o-lanterns instead of candles. I loved it, however, my four year old - does not like change - child informed me that lack-o-lanterns MUST be lit with candles. No exceptions!

And finally, of course, we went trick or treating. The mall near us offers this every year, and it is so much easier with little kids than going door to door. I didn't get any pictures of the costumes but we were super heroes, avengers to be exact, and we made out like bandits on our candy. We came home, dumped it on the living room floor, sorted through and began eating, while we watched "It's the great pumpkin, Charlie Brown." A perfect end to the Halloween season.

This morning I told the kids it was now November - since they learn about the days, and months, at pre-school. They didn't care though. They were too busy discussing what candy they will eat tonight for dessert.

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