Monday, January 7, 2013

Busy Bee

I've realized something lately.
That our life is getting busier and busier with each passing month. Just this month alone we've started basketball once a week, learn about kindergarten classes once a week, and a monthly Mom's book club. T-ball is coming soon, as will be swim lessons in the summer. Homework will be involved in the learn about Kindergarten class - different homework for each of the boys, based on what skills they need the most growth in prior to starting school in September. And we get homework from preschool too.
While some things about raising twins has gotten easier as they've gotten older - like I can leave them playing in their room or watching television while I take a shower when I want to, and also they can open the refrigerator and get a snack or juice box themselves, Oh, and they can use the toilet - some things seem more difficult. Mostly trying to organize everything in life, while attempting to maintain some type of order in our home. Used to be the kids would just lay there, or only toddled around. How many toys could they possibly use at once? Now, my house almost always looks like a cyclone went through. And while I do have to say they are good at helping clean up their own messes, it is still way messier than ever before. And I don't have time to clean it. And it drives me nuts. And I am a freak for worrying about this stuff, right? I need some lessons in relaxing expectations of oneself.

It is what it is. My new mantra. I'll try really hard to live by that.

Easy cooking, easy cleaning, organizing the house. I've found some great tips on Pinterest! Now if only I could step away from the computer....I could add at least an extra hour to my day each day. I could take that hour and actually follow through with those tips I've found....and make life easier.

How do you manage organizing things in your life? Do you ever feel like things are completely chaotic?

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