Thursday, July 5, 2012

Tell it Thursday

Yesterday's picture was obviously because it was July 4th. And, it was the first time my children have seen fireworks live. They loved them.

We had a relaxing forth. Stayed inside away from the 95 degree heat most of the day, except to go out and wash the car by hand and water the flowers on the porch. Ate hamburgers and hot dogs for dinner and stayed up late to go to the fireworks.

The kids had a billion questions about the colors, sounds, and smells of the fireworks. Why do they look like they are falling form the sky? Can i catch them in my hand? What is all that smoke? It was fun to watch their facial expressions, and answer all the questions. Making memories.

Now, on to packing for our vacation. Since the boys were born we have only taken one other vacation which did not involved visiting relatives. We went camping and stayed in a cabin - when they were 2.This vacation will involve staying at a hotel and lots of other fun things.

So, excited.....

Not telling where we're headed. Maybe you can guess. Sunny day......

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