Friday, July 20, 2012

Tell it Thursday (even if it is Friday)

The picture from wordless Wednesday was from our recent vacation. The bugs, my sister, and I traveled to Sesame Place. Thank God I have a sister willing to spend her vacation time in a kid filled circus land. I could not have made this trip alone with two pre-schoolers.
We had a great time! The kids rode all the rides, even the roller coaster. And this was not a kid rollercoaster. It was a full sized thing. No upside down loops or anything, but still coaster enough for any adult rider. The only ride where one of the kids was afraid was Elmo's Blast off. Landon was a bit fearful of the height and decided not to ride, which was fine by me since I was a little scared too. (Not that I mentioned that to them)
We even got to see Imagination Movers in concert while we were there! They were playing shows in the park for two days. I haven;t been to a concert since before the kids were born! So what if it was aimed mostly at 3-7 year olds - I had fun and got my groove thing on dancing to the songs.

Here's some things I learned while at Sesame Place --

  • I really can not think about what possible germs may be floating in public swimming facilities
  • My children are a lot like me. They cry too when they have to walk too far across a parking lot. Difference is they are 3 and I am 40-something.
  • Naps for an almost 4 year old at 6pm are the worst and require parents to then stay up until almost midnight even when suffering from near exhaustion
  • A small child can vomit completely unexpectedly, and if you are wearing flip flops near said incident it may make you want to vomit as well (this was NOT my child either!)
  • Never show your fear of rides to your children
  • All parents say the same things repeatedly throughout the day. (Stop running, I told you that's why we don't run, no I am not carrying you to the car, stop running) You just don't realize other people are saying them because you can't hear over your on voice
  • A dose of Elmo therapy will do wonders for making you understand that small shit doesn't matter and should not be sweated
  • and speaking of sweating - it is HOT at Sesame Place in July!
and now some pics....

Have you taken any vacations with your family this summer? What is your favorite family vacation? Did you learn anything from your family vacationing experience?

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