Tuesday, October 2, 2012

September ends

I finished everything on my household list last week. I have a ton to do this week. I know I won't get to it. Work is INSANELY busy right now. But the light at the end of that tunnel is it probably will slow down within a few weeks. Two-three more weeks of craziness.

Have to pack for a trip to the city this weekend.

Not even going to post my household plan - I can only focus on the absolute necessities this week.

I have got to start my 5 things for me again - I was finding it was really helpful to my sanity. So, my thing for me for this week is to only worry about necessities.

Tree man came and took down the trees that were giving squirrels access to the attic. Great - thought I outsmarted them buggers. Today I saw one squirrel with a big walnut in his mouth scale the side of my house to get back up to the hole in the soffit. Shit!

That's it - hopefully a few weeks from now I will emerge from the craziness with my sanity intact and a semi-clean and organized house.

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