Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pack it up

Getting ready to head out to Grandpa's for the Easter holiday this weekend means doing all the laundry, packing and getting weekend chores like trash and recyclables done before leaving. I thought it would be a good idea to have the boys help me pack their clothes last night. Didn' Landon was helpful and willing to do everything I asked but for whatever reason Alex had a meltdown because the jammies he wanted were not in his drawer. Even though I tried to reason with him that i would have time for laundry tomorrow and his jammies would be clean then he was screaming and crying for near 15 minutes. Complete tantrum. So, instead of calmly packing Landon and I got to listen to hysteria and of course that makes my blood pressure go up.
Plan for today. In between working get laundry done and pack suitcase while boys are at daycare. Pick up boys after work and go to playground. Don't involve testy 3 year olds with packing process late in evening. Live and learn.

On another note: J wants to come to visit for a week again. He is still trying to find a facility that will take him and is still working on getting a referral to said facility. Not sure if it's a good idea - I hate these decisions. I know he wants time to spend with the boys but it is nervewracking for me because I feel I constantly have to be on guard and watching what he's doing. trying to steal from me. And it's exhausting to put on the happy face so the kids don't have to know, see, feel that daddy has issues. I know that one day they will begin to realize, but for now, they only know that Daddy stays at their aunt's house so he can "fix" some things. And  that's all they need to know right now.

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