Monday, March 12, 2012

Happy 100th Birthday!

Today the Girl Scouts are celebrating their 100th anniversary. Juliette Gordon Low started the first girl Scout troop with 18 girls in 1912 and since then girl Scouting has been offering girls opportunities to make friends, learn life skills, and so much more! When it began Girl Scouting was able to teach girls how to cook and sew. Today girls can learn engineering, web design, and computer technology. Troops communicate using facebook, twitter, and blogging. We've come a long way!
My memories of Girl Scouting as a child are the fabulous trips our troop went on, the fun outings to the local parks for picnics, camping overnight in screen houses, and how involved my Mom (who was our troop leader) was able to me involved with us. I was however not fond of camping. My memories of summer camp are of having my first period there. Not.good.

Over 3 million girls and women are part of Girl Scouting today. Many, many more are alumnae of this group. Whatever your memories of Girl Scouts, take a moment today to reflect on those 18 girls meeting with Juliette Gordon Low, and what they began 100 years ago!

Happy Birthday Girl Scouts!

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