Thursday, January 26, 2012

I know what I was feeling...

but what was I thinking? That's how the song goes, right? So true.

J did it again. Duped me. Took advantage of my kindness. You can not even give that man an inch or he will take a mile.
In the few shorts weeks I have allowed him into our home for a visit while he waits on a location for more treatment, I have been lied to, had my material possessions nearly sold, and basically bs'd the entire time.
No more. No more visits, no more kindness. I will NOT allow him to use his medical issues as a means to make me feel sympathy for him anymore.

These are the top three things I want from my husband (or any man I may be in a relationship with) - honesty, integrity,  and respect. Right now J can't give any of those things to me. And they are things I am entitled to in a relationship.
In six short months our separation agreement will be a year old. Time enough to have it changed to a divorce decree.
I don't think he realizes that the sand is quickly running through the hourglass.

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