Saturday, September 24, 2011

Shopping 9-23-11

First trip was to Rite Aid - where I got pull-ups, wipes, tampons, tissues, and dishwasher soap. I am fully stocked up on the tampons, tissues, and dishwasher soap now for probably 3 months.
Total retail value was $77.48
My OOP was 32.37
savings of 55%

Then Walmart - I never really save a huge percentage on my walmart trips because they are big trips, meant for a purchase that will cover two weeks of food, and the kids are with me (and they are now able to throw things into the cart that they want - like yogurt smoothies, cookies, extra grapes, etc)
Between price matching and coupons I was able to save 13% off this trip as well.
Not too shabby.

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