Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Does this thing blow bubbles?

The new lawn mower arrived this morning. The boys were super excited about it coming and wanted me to open the box right away. No time though - had to get to work. So, after work tonight we'll be unpacking the mower, and READING THE DIRECTIONS this time, so that this mower might last more than a year. Who knows, maybe it will even last so long that one day in the future the boys will be fighting over who gets to mow the lawn.
Ha! Who am I kidding? I remember that chore as a teenager - it was great when I was in a "I'm getting in shape this summer" mode but that quickly got old, and then the cool air conditioner and daytime television began calling me....

While Landon loves to push his bubble mower around the yard now I'm sure that in another ten years, the mower will be in the middle of the yard, grass half-cut, and he will be in the house, on the phone, watching television, playing video games, or out playing with friends.
Alex has already laid his claim as the one who likes to watch his brother mow the lawn. His bubble mower had spider webs all over it from lack of use.

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