Sunday, April 19, 2009

Thank Heaven

Today we Christened the boys. It was a beautiful day complete with sunshine, a warm breeze, and birds singing, although the forecast had called for rain. I thank my Mom, who's not here anymore, for this. I know that she was watching from above and did what she could to help out on the weather front so the boys would have a nice day.
We had about 35 people attend, and enough food to feed twice that many. For some reason when we plan a party in our family we always seem to go overboard on the food. So J and I have leftovers for the entire week, plus I'll be sharing the surplus with the co-workers this week too.
Everyone who loves these babies was there - Grandpa, Grandpa and Grandma, Gram-Gram, and lots of Aunts and Uncles. We chose my sisters for their Godmothers and chose not to have any Godfathers.
The ceremony was nice and neither Alex nor Landon cried when they put the water on them. Plus the oil they use made them smell so sweet.

I've had my concerns about the Cathloic religion in the past - having known their stand on fertility treatments and such. But I still did find that growing up with religion a part of my life helped me with life skills like decision making, learning right from wrong, and building values and morals. I hope to provide that to my children by taking them to church, when they are a bit older, and having them attend Sunday School. My hope is that religion will just be one more piece in the puzzle of helping them to grow up.

and now some pictures....

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