Saturday, April 25, 2009

8 Months

I can not believe that you are eight months old already. I know that I say that every month but really, how is this happening? You both grow so quickly. Every day it seems you are doing something new.

This month so many things happened.

You both started getting your top teeth in which has caused sleeping issues, like Landon not wanting to sleep, and eating problems. While you normally like your bottles and every kind of food imaginable you both decided because of the teething that you'd rather push the bottle away and maybe not eat so much. Plus you now prefer the food colder rather than warmer.
You both can sit up on your own now too. Landon can sit for a very long time which has provided the opportunity to play with your toys in a whole new way. You've finally figured out how to work the ball popper on your own. It made your Dad and I a little sad though as we thought this is one tiny step closer to you not needing us as much. Alex, you can sit too, however, most of the time you choose not to since then you can't play with your toys with your feet. We're beginning to wonder if you have a future in a circus as someone who juggles with their feet or something.
You are both rocking back and forth and are ready to take off with the crawling soon. Slow down! Daddy and I need more time for baby proofing.
You can feed yourself a cracker and LOVE teething biscuits. Although Mommy thinks they taste and look like dog food. Maybe that is way so many children develop a love of eating out of the pet dish?
You are starting to outgrow your 6-9 month clothes and you're now into size 4 diapers. We don;t go to the doctor for another month but I'm guessing you guys are both at 20lbs now.
Alex - you've figured out how to pick up your banana puffs and put them in your mouth. Self-feeding, another big step! Once Mommy can get past worrying about how big or small to cut food up we can start trying some different finger foods.
As for talking - your favorites sounds are ah-ba and ah-ra and try as I might neither one of you will even attempt the M or D sounds so Daddy and I will have to wait a little longer for that.

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