Tuesday, September 11, 2012


It is September. My super-busy time at work. There is no escaping it. Add to that the fact that the boys have started pre-school, and religious education, and soccer, and I feel like my calendar, and my head, are going to explode!

So, while I had extravagant thoughts in my head about the posts I was going to write about what we've been up to, you will have to settle for the shorthand version for now. For a few weeks. Until work calms down a bit. Until I settle into our new school year routine. I can do that, right?


Had the boys 4th birthday party at Grandpa's house. Avenger's cake, decorations, and so many super-hero toys. New big-boy bikes. I believe Alex would like an electronic bike - he doesn't seems to like to have to pedal. I guess it's too much like work. Landon got his most prized Hulk hands - I see boxing matches in my home in the future.

September -
First day of pre-school. Where does the time go? Can't believe they are in pre-school. This eases my mind a bit about whether they will be ready for Kindergarten next year. I hate that our school system has become so stringent that Kindergarten is the new second grade. Thank you Mr. Bush for your fabulous "No child left behind" act. Nuff said.
I didn't cry at the first day of pre-school. But there was a definite feeling of sadness. Although Mommy can act happy when trying to convince two kids that preschool is gonna be FUN! My babies are no longer babies. I won't have anymore babies. A bit sad.

First game of mini-golf too. This was funny! Landon actually yelled at Alex for blocking the hole when he could have made a score in one. I'm beginning to see some competitiveness coming out of them.

Update J -
He called me. Back in rehab again. 5th time. Supposed to be finding a sober-living house for him at the end of 30 day program. But we all know the drill. There will be some reason why he can't go, he will just get out, continue to think that meetings/counseling are not important, and be right back at it again in a matter of months. Difference this time - he has no resources to use. Without my resources, he has no resources. We'll see....still waiting for him to prove me wrong.
While I was hugely angry at the judge for imposing the stay away order for three year and taking the control over my life out of my hands, I am glad it's in place. I don't have to worry that he'll show up here after getting out of rehab, and continue to find a way to use my resources for his benefit. And, at the end of three years if he's still on the merry go round then I can have the order extended. But I don't have to think about it for three years.

last night we made Trix treats. Marshmallow treats made with trix instead of rice crispies. My kids review: Yuck! Great, now I have a whole pan of these things for me?!

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