Friday, February 24, 2012

Taking Stock in Kleenex

February, while not quite over yet, has flown by and will turn to March in just a few short days. I haven't had much time to post as life as been chaotic in our home the past few weeks. Here's the short, bulleted, update:

* Took J to the crisis center and dropped him off. He will not be coming back here to our home until he is well on his way down the road to recovery. Although he thinks otherwise. My therapists tells me however that I am calling the shots now (sometimes difficult to act that way)
* The kids came down with a nasty cold which I would come to find out two weeks later was RSV. Alex visited urgent care, Landon the ER, then an overnight hospital stay due to breathing difficulties from congestion, I had the cold too, but dragged myself around to Dr. appointments, in an effort to get my children well. Alex is almost back to normal. Landon is beginning to eat again after a week of no food, none, nothing at all. He is still really tired and doesn't run around much, but hopefully in another week or so he will be back to normal too. I finally was able to visit my Dr. and have a sinus infection and am also exhausted. Pediatrician says it could take us all 6-8 weeks to feel completely back to normal. So we are taking it one day at a time.
* I am thankful that it was just a cold and nothing more serious.
* During this time J continued to call me and make up lies about how the crisis center was kicking him out and he had no where to go, and beg me to pick him up and let him come home. Or he would get himself admitted to the hospital for high blood sugar in hopes of actually getting kicked out. It didn;t work - I didn't falter, and I did not pick him up. And, can we say, selfish, selfish man?
* Kids went back to daycare yesterday after almost two weeks out (off and on) and I am finally catching up on work, household chores, etc. Though I am taking this afternoon to lay on the sofa and catch up on Dr. Phil before picking them up at 5pm. I am in serious need to some rest and ME time.
* J moved from the crisis center to an inpatient rehab this morning. he called me last night to tell me. I don;t know how long they will keep him - he really needs at least 90 days. He is convinced that he is only staying 30 days and is coming home to live after that. I told him no way and he hung up on me. he is too concerned about when he's getting out to focus attention on doing the work necessary to get a real chance at successfully getting better. I don;t know if he'll even make it to complete the 30 days with that attitude.

Hopefully March is better.

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