Thursday, March 24, 2011

Serious Update

Seriously, I am the worst blogger on the face of the earth. I haven't posted since December - how can that be? Gosh, life goes by way to fast. So, for updates:
1. I see the last post had to do with my favorite holiday cookies. The bugs and I made them - and I am not a baker. LOVE to cook, but baking is not my thing. When the cookies were done I gave them to the bugs, who proceeded to spit them out and tell me, "Mommy, these are yucky." We won't try that again.
2. Christmas was fabulous! The first year they are beginning to understand about Santa. Spent way too much money and also way too much time putting together toys Christmas Eve night - while cursing a lot I might add - but their faces Christmas morning made it all worth it. And to this day, some mornings Landon still comes down the stairs and sees his toys and says, "Santa brought new toys!"
3. Went away for the first time leaving the bugs home for 4 days - for a work convention. It was scary anticipating how it would go and I missed them terribly. But we all survived. Them better than me I think.
4. We are still not interested in the potty. Nearly 31 months old and I'm told, "We like our diapers, Mommy." I try not to stress about it - they'll be out of diapers before high school, right?
5. We have become seriously picky eaters although we always have room for dessert. Hummmm?
6. We can count in English and Spanish, jump with both feet off the ground, climb stairs really fast, and basically make Mommy crazy with worry a lot.
7. We have already begun the, "He's touching me. Stop touching me." phase of our lives - if I remember correctly from my own personal experience with my siblings this will last until they turn 30 years old.
8. We are the best of friends (at times) and complete opposites. If Alex says black, Landon says white - often just to push the other one's buttons.

I will post a picture update post soon.

If this blog is ever going to become a story for my boys to look back on when their grown then I have got to get serious about posting more - so my goal - at least a once a week post. Starting NOW.

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