Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Happy Birthday Alex and Landon!
I can not believe that you are two years old today. Two years ago I woke up not feeling so great. Two years ago I was sitting in a hospital bed for 6 hours waiting for them to wheel me into the OR for the surgery. Two years ago you both came into the world healthy.
Best, best, best day of my life.
With each day that passes my love for you grows too. I am amazed by you each and every day - what you are learning, the funny things you say and do, and how during the long battle with infertility I never thought I would be where I am today.
Enjoy your cupcakes with blue frosting (that we put three eggs into) and have fun opening your presents. I know you're going to love the cake we have for the party on Saturday. We'll find those party hats and make everyone wear them - Cooper too.
I wish for all of your birthdays to be happy and filled with wonderful memories.

Love, Mommy

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