Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Road Trip

The bugs and I are getting ready to take a road trip tomorrow. Going to NH to visit my sister and brother-in-law. It's almost a 7 hour drive and because I'm brave, but not that brave, I decided that we will drive half-way, stop at my Dad's for the night, and drive the other half the next day. I'm just not sure how they'd do in the car for 7 hours. They will still usually sleep for a few hours, but then what? Then I'm stuck fighting with them over why Mommy can't pick up their dropped juice cup and risk getting sideswiped by that big truck next to us and the crying that ensues from that conversation. Or listening to Alex screaming because Landon and I are singing. That child just does not like anyone to sing unless He is in the mood for singing.
I'm a little worried about the trip as my sister has a rather large dog and an in ground pool. My kids have some unusual toddler fears - the air conditioner, motorcycles driving by, and car horns beeping - I just don't want to get home from our weekend with the added fears of water and dogs. Am I too much of a worrier?
I'm also hoping that I can fit everything into the car - I still need to bring the stroller because I can't figure out how to get two toddlers into a reststop on the highway by myself without one. And I still need to bring two pack n plays because we haven't transitioned into beds yet.
I just keep telling myself that this is going to be fun. And my kids will grow up with fond memories of our family trips. Will they wonder though why every picture shows Mommy with frazzled hair (or a glass of wine in her hand)??

In other news...we've mastered the Happy Birthday song and are ready for the big 2 next month. We absolutely love the playground now that we can go up and down the slide ourselves, and we can name every truck in our truck book, even the excavator (which is pretty funny to hear us try to say)

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